Flame Prince Finn has been known to dwell into the land of creation, and often expresses his creationism in the forms of dolls or artwork. He creates art for his own amusement, but sometimes he also does it per request from another person. He is very often never annoyed by art requests involving Flame Princess. He has a blog titled "Art Blog Izzle" on the Adventure Time wiki, but for the sake of simplicity all the stuff you'd find there can also be found here, but without his witty commentary.

Sastifactory DrawingsEdit

List of Flame Prince Finn's doodles that he believes to be of good quality


List of Flame Prince Finn created gifs.

T-Shirt DesignsEdit

List of Flame Prince Finn designed t-shirts. Unfortuantely he is too poor to put them into production

Commissioned ArtworkEdit

List of Flame Prince Finn created artworks that were requested by other users.

Artwork About Flame Prince FinnEdit

List of artwork that is about Flame Prince Finn but not made by him