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This is dedicated to giving new life to things Flame Prince Finn had otherwise chose to let die. With this page, it can continue to live outside of adversary of the damned and of Flame Prince Finn's wrath. Trust me, he can get very wrathful.

February 2nd, 2013Edit

My favoritesEdit


You would defy nature for me?

  • Magic Man
    He's not just a jerk, he's the jerk. He'll ruin your life and tell you "you're welcome!" He turned all martian water to hair, and when the martians got so thirsty they drank it they went bald. He's arrogant, creative and gaudy. One of my favorite parts about him is how he shouts "Magic!" when doing things impossible in real world physics - such an awesome way of expressing he doesn't have to make sense.

I wish I could help... except I don't!

I win again, just like always!

  • Finn
    He's a hero boy who keeps his word. He's brave, capable, and overall a great kid. He and Jake have an awesome friendship, and his relationships with Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Ice King, and many other characters are interesting every time. The series with respect to him is reminiscent of a bildungsroman, and I really appreciate that.

I'm all about stupid!

Episodes by seasonEdit

Season 1Edit
  • The Witch's Garden
    Jake's character is just great in this one. His magic powers are explored a little bit, and we have more than a few ridiculous scenarios arise. Wonderfully unpredictable.

Jake's Subconscious: I'm here to tell you that what you're feeling deep down inside is true. It is way too hard to swim across the river. It's easier to wear a hat. Here, have a hat!

Witch: But didn't you learn your lesson?

  • Freak City
    Magic Man's debut! Turning a bird inside out to demonstrate his magical benevolence, Finn's reaction to the freaks not cooperating, and the silly end to the episode. We do have some orange juice, by the way.

Kim: But I freakin' hate Trudy!

  • His Hero
    Wonderful animation and transitions, lots of funny moments, and the theme is that violence is the answer. This episode says "don't be so serious," and I love it. Also, Billy's Song is my favorite song in the series. Easily a contender for my favorite episode ever.

Jake: Did you fix that shoe with a magic nail?

Season 2Edit
  • It Came from the Nightosphere
    Hunson Abadeer's debut! I love the way he moves, and his character in general. He's evil but carefree about it, and much like Magic Man facetiously acts as if he's doing people favors - if briefly.

Hunson: Well I'm sure not the guy who's gonna suck your soul.
Fluffball: Good! Cause that's like my number one fear.

  • To Cut a Woman's Hair
    This is the episode that sold me on Adventure Time. Finn slapping the watering can out of Princess Bubblegum's hands, Finn's works his way with the ladies as fast as he can so Jake isn't sucked into Tree Witch's bottomless bottom - and the Tree Witch still being evil at the end. Fantastic.

Finn: You are so ugly... I want to throw up.

  • Death in Bloom
    I like everything about the episode. Jake nearly gets Finn and himself killed because he thought farting "would be funny," when he doesn't recognize Finn, the guardian of the underworld, and the ending of the episode. Abrupt endings are all the funnier because each episode is only 11 minutes.

Peppermint Butler: I'd like your flesh.
Jake: Quit being silly Peppermint Butler!
Peppermint Butler: I'm going to take it from you while you sleep.

Season 3Edit
  • Hitman
    A great episode for Ice King. The opening scene is an awesome role reversal - a 13 year old grounds a 100+ year old king. Seeing Ice King's approach to problem solving is hilarious too.

Ice King's novelty mounted deer's head: I wanna live live live, I wanna live live

Ice King: Do you know what happens when you're burned alive? Your eyeballs explode.

  • What Was Missing
    Very good songs, and it's nice to see Princess Bubblegum interacting with Marceline more personally. Some hints at Bubbline, which is interesting, but my favorite part is when they beat up the Door Lord. Well adjusted and generally good themes? check.

Jake: You've all forgotten bout the music! I quit the band!
I'm just kidding!

  • Jake vs. Me-Mow
    Another great episode for Jake. Talking to Wildberry Princess as his hand, his fight with a puny cat adversary, and his ultimate decision not to kill Wildberry Princess. I liked him a lot for his way of dealing with the whole situation.

Jake: Hehehe. A tiny cat.

  • Thank You
    Very funny episode, especially considering the lack of dialogue. I think this one is very agreeable for all audiences, and it's really cute.

Snow Golem: You look real good. Nice Home.

  • Another Way
    The tree people are delightfully non-cliche. I love how they embrace lack of possible alternatives so openly. It's great how exaggerated the situation is in order to push Finn to making his own decisions. Ring ring.

Talking Bush: Ring Ring. Hello, dummy police? Yes, there's a strange dummy lurking around my house. Oh okay, yes. Thank you, goodbye.
Finn: What?... I need to cross this river. The cyclops is over there.
Talking Bush: You can't cross this river, it's impossible. Look - the current - it's so fast it'll turn your butt inside out for real, doofus. And the water's so acidic it'll crump your boat in half. It's like orange juice, it's gross. There's a bridge, but it's a trap! Plus, the water's jammin' with electric eels. Wow, so weird. Anyway, that's it. There's no other way around. You dummy.
Finn: But I need to get across.
Talking Bush: Listen what I'm telling you! There's no way!

Ugly tramp.

  • Dad's Dungeon
    This episode features one of my favorite minor characters, Ugly Monster. His voice makes me laugh every time. The fruit witches, food monsters, and the giant monster at the end made this an interesting ordeal for Finn and Jake. Also, the message at the end reminded me of Finn's childhood. It's rarely touched on, but always smile inducing.

Joshua's recording: The family sword - it's made out of babies!

  • Incendium
    Finn's song in the beginning is excellent, and so is Jake's rendition of it. I started loving Flame Princess as soon as she started hugging "Prince Finn," and liked her all the more for her unexpected outburst. She's dangerous like a fire should be. Her moodiness calmed down in Burning Low, but she's cuter without it. I'm sure she'll flip out again soon enough.

Flame Princess: Stop whispering!

Season 4Edit
  • Hug Wolf
    Cinnamon Bun's performance is nothing short of excellent, and the whole plot of the episode is based on such a delightfully silly premise. Hugs are presented as some sort of terrible thing... it's just funny to see these things through a different lens.

Cinnamon Bun: Hug me!!

  • Goliad
    Goliad's debut! (and hopefully not last real appearance)
    Princess Bubblegum not sleeping for 83 hours and wearing a cool new outfit, an immortal psychic sphinx with a British accent, and themes of ethics. I also like how Goliad connects behavior - attacking Jake by stuffing with Candy People for example. Shame she realizes how awesome she is and tries to take over the Candy Kingdom, an effort bound to fail.

Finn: No Goliad, that's wrong too. You can't just control people or whatever. It's messed up!
Goliad: No Finn, this way's good. Everyone did what I wanted. Really fast, no mistakes, calm like you said. This definitely is the way to lead. Definitely.
Finn: Uh no, no. Wait, is that true?

Goliad: No Princess. Bee cares not for flower. If getting pollen hurt or killed flower, Bee would not care. Bee is stronger than flower. Goliad is stronger than Bee. Goliad is stronger than all.

  • Sons of Mars
    Oh my goodness is this episode not a let down - and we're talking about dieties. Magic Man continues to be an epic jerk, we see Abraham Lincoln again, Grob Gob Glob Grod makes a physical appearance, and Death appears again. So much interesting speculation to be had here. Another contender for favorite episode ever.

Abraham Lincoln: Magic Man, it bums me out to see this. I remember when you were really cool.

Abraham Lincoln: You sad, Magic Man. Instead, you bummed around Ooo. Acting like a jerk for 200 years!

Abraham Lincoln: Magic Man, I give you two choices. One is total annihilation. The wand will touch you, and your soul will meet with death. The second, is I use the power of the wand to convert your body to living stardust, where your consciousness will be jettisoned into the infinite cosmos on an endless journey of wonder and discovery!

Abraham Lincoln: You're right, Finn the human. My judgment was less than the standard by which I judge my peers. Of which I have none.

  • Burning Low
    This episode couldn't have turned out more perfectly in my opinion. Princess Bubblegum turns out as usual to be a practical decision maker in tough circumstances, Finn and Flame princess are absolutely adorable together, and all off the kissing scenes are epic. I was initially worried something would go wrong with Flame Princess or Princess Bubblegum. I should know better than to distrust the Adventure Time storyboarders by now.

Finn:PB, I was... I was in love with you, okay!? And you didn't love me back! Now I'm ready to move on, and it's like you're going to build me up all over again. Well I'm done! I'm done.

Princess Bubblegum: Flame Princess is physically unstable!

Staff membersEdit

I'll admit I don't know a great deal about the staff - that's because I can't be bothered to research someone instead of talking to them personally. I'm not going to judge people based on how they act with their fans at large. I'm also sure I'm not giving enough credit where it's due. Sorry about that. Every production artist of Adventure Time gets a huge thanks from me.

Bubba and Marshall Lee - Embrace - by NatashaTumblr m3q5tgaE6v1qzlgkno1 1280Untitled

  • Rebecca Sugar - Excellent artist, and song-write. I love her version of the Fry Song.
  • Adam Muto - Awesome storyboarder and frequent replier for formspring, which is really cool of him.
  • Andy Ristaino - Another Formspringer, polite and helpful to good questions and sarcastic and silly with not-so-good questions. He just seems like an awesome guy. His art is cool, too.

Some of My DrawingsEdit




February 9th, 2013Edit

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I think he's created a hilarious, whimsical, pure, and downright mathematical series. Props to him.

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I waterski almost every day when the temperature is suitable. I am not as good at it as I'd like to be, but it's good fun and exercise.

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