Ugly Monster
Flame Prince Finn has been known to dabble in the art of witchcraft. While some just say he's a loon he often goes into this land to try out his skills.


Flame Prince Finn often creates many things with his crafting skills, from buildings to skeleton archers and everything in between. Sometimes he uses it to make dirt houses but those don't last very long. Sometimes the art of witchcrafting has gotten the better of his psyche and tries to recreate whole fictional lands only to cast the wrong spell and lose it all in a HDD failure. When he's not casting spells he's busy sourching the land for lost goverment bases and looking for the lost treasure of the great TtlTulThlThuThluit. The more monsters he defeats, the greater this witchcrafting power becomes. The only real limitation to his powers is his own will. He tends to use his powers mainly in magic shows where he can charge viewers a fortune and then rob them of their wallets and their diginity.


  • Sometimes the souls of Flame Princess haters are used to power his witchcrafting.